Introducing Sattva

Monitor and manage Social, Sustainable, Health & Safety standards

SATTVA™ has been designed, developed, and tested by risk assessment specialists and management systems pundits of international repute; and they have packed their decades of expertise and experience into SATTVA™ and now made it available to you.

A highly effective, easy-to-use & versatile tool


The application will be hosted on a dedicated cloud server.


Easy to Operate

We designed the application interface as much as user-friendly.


The entire suite will be available at an affordable rate.

Best Services for Your Business

Enhance your company’s sustainability performance that provides automated reporting, management and deep analytics for ESG data.

Sustainability Applications

SATTVA sustainability module help your company to report and track environmental performance indicators and align with Sustainable Development Goals.

Included with…
Check - Free interface icons Audit & Inspections
Check - Free interface icons Sustainability
Check - Free interface icons Environment
Check - Free interface icons Chemical

Health & Safety Applications

Sattva offers a complete set of modules that address different aspects of a safety programs and help organizations to improve their standards.

Included with…
Check - Free interface icons Hazard & Risk
Check - Free interface icons Accident & Incident
Check - Free interface icons Document Management

Social Applications

This module will help the organization drive a comprehensive employee retention strategy and track employee grievances and get actionable insight from employee surveys.

Included with…
Check - Free interface icons Grievance
Check - Free interface icons Engagement
Check - Free interface icons Attrition
Check - Free interface icons Satisfaction Survey


This module of SATTVA has been specifically designed to respond to organizations to different global reporting frameworks and initiatives and easily align with the increased investors and stakeholder’s interest. It enables you to collect, track and manage your Sustainability Activities, Commitments, Certificates, Impacts, Reports, SDGs Governance, and ESG in one place.

Check - Free interface icons Identify opportunities
Check - Free interface icons Centralize ESG Data
Check - Free interface icons Maintain a secure data
Check - Free interface icons Communicate

Environment Management

This Module helps your organization to ensure compliance within EMS statutory regulations and reduce environmental impact. It Enables with a digital platform that collect the data and sets targets to reduce, manage, monitor and track the performance of various aspects like carbon footprint derivation, energy usage, waste, water, waste water management and air emission on a real time basis with wide range of environmental matrix.

Check - Free interface icons Ensure compliance
Check - Free interface icons Reduce, Manage, Monitor
Check - Free interface icons Help cut emissions
Check - Free interface icons Accounting
Check - Free interface icons Comprehensive performance
Check - Free interface icons Identify opportunities

Accident & Incident

Accident & Incident management module of SATTVA is a comprehensive and user-friendly tool for organizations to record, track and report workplace environment, health and safety incidents. Easily log incidents, identify root causes, implement corrective and preventive actions and maintain an auditable, real-time record of the detection and mitigation of every EHS incident organization-wide.

Check - Free interface icons Reactive measure
Check - Free interface icons Accident / incident managing
Check - Free interface icons Financial advantageous
Check - Free interface icons Monitoring Mechanism
Check - Free interface icons Real time monitoring
Check - Free interface icons Reduce risk
Check - Free interface icons Comply
Check - Free interface icons Root cause analysis
Check - Free interface icons Manage or eliminate

Chemical Management

The Chemical Management Module of SATTVA has been designed to ensure that activities involving the use of chemical materials be performed in a way to protect employee of the organisation, general public from chemical hazards & health the importance to control and manage the risk associated with it, Also, ensures activities are conducted in accordance with statutory regulations.

Check - Free interface icons Chemical management
Check - Free interface icons Information in one location
Check - Free interface icons Inventory management
Check - Free interface icons Safety data sheets in one place
Check - Free interface icons Real time information
Check - Free interface icons Provide easy access
Check - Free interface icons Access relevant SDS
Check - Free interface icons Approval process
Check - Free interface icons Confirm your SDS

Document Management

This module of SATTVA has been specifically designed to act as a central database of your organization’s legal & Statutory documents, policies, and procedures. Schedule policy reviews, renew the legal documents, and maintain the ISO requirements all from within a centrally accessible tool. Also, With this application, you can easily maintain an accurate and accessible inventory of all of your safety, environment & Social documents.

Check - Free interface icons Centralized Mechanism
Check - Free interface icons Digitalize
Check - Free interface icons Up-to-date documentation
Check - Free interface icons Ensure compliance
Check - Free interface icons Keep any organization fit